All About Raw Wheat Germ


You may have heard about

what is raw wheat germ but not be aware of what it is or its’ health benefits. Wheat germ is made from wheat seeds and it is high in nutritious fatty acids, fiber and vitamin E. There are several ways to eat raw wheat germ, and you can put it on top of oatmeal or include it in your smoothie recipes.Another option is to top your ice cream with raw wheat germ and cacao nibs. Here is more information concerning raw wheat germ.
Health Benefits of Wheat Germ
Raw wheat germ has several benefits. For one, it helps you retain energy during the day. This is due to the complex carbohydrates, B vitamins and fiber in it. Wheat germ also helps reduce your appetite and this leads to weight loss. Those who are deficient in iron and potassium would benefit from raw wheat germ as it is full of these minerals. Raw wheat germ is also great for the immune system. Medical studies have shown that wheat germ can lower bad cholesterol and coronary heart disease.
Does Wheat Germ Have Gluten?
Those who are on a gluten-free diet should not consume wheat germ because wheat has this substance. When someone who is allergic to it consumes gluten, his body reacts in a negative way. Some of these reactions include vomiting, diarrhea, stomachaches, constipation and sometimes skin problems.
Where Can I Buy Wheat Germ?
Health food stores often sell raw wheat germ but some online natural health retailers might also sell it. Some supermarkets sell raw wheat germ but most of them sell roasted wheat germ, which is not the same thing. If you visit a naturopathic doctor or nutritionist, he can give you raw wheat germ. In conclusion, raw wheat germ is healthy and delicious to consume.